autumn in habataki mountain with Seiji kun.

autumn in habataki mountain with Seiji kun.

I guess as you can kind of notice I’m taking a hiatus from this blog. The fact that all of the art is linked properly and I still get asks about me not crediting has really made it annoying and seem like a hassle. I’m sure I’ll post again some day, I’m just not sure when. Some people made something fun for me into a real annoyance.

Anonymous sent: Me encanta tu tumblr!! Tienes Twitter?

Thank you so much! And no I do not :)

TMGS3 Kouichi Sakurai fanart that I made, just for fandom :p
私が描いた桜井琥一のイラストです。Source: tumblr

TMGS3 Kouichi Sakurai fanart that I made, just for fandom :p


Source: tumblr

Queuing tonight! Expect posts tomorrow ❤

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rivigirli sent: Please source your fanart from now on. I've noticed most of the fanart here has no artist listed or a link back to the original post. You can use a site called saucenao to easily find the source, and it even has a chrome/firefox extension that will give you the source just by right clicking. We need to give credit to the artist who worked so hard on it. ^_^

They are all sourced and I have gone over this over and over. 

Go to the actual blog and click on the picture, it links through. Tumblr sometimes has an issue with getting the source info when reblogged, but I find that when I put the links at the bottom of the pictures rather than the clickthroughs, most people would erase the source link, so I’ve decided to keep the clickthroughs. I have them labeled by their link number and the dates that I’ve found them. 

I’ll just keep this up on the blog because I’m so tired of answering this question.